In this blog, I'm going to show you how to swap the wheels for a 1/64 diecast car (Hotwheels, Tomica, Siku, etc)

Materials Required (You can purchase these from
- Micro Precision Pliers & Super Glue
- Power Drill & 9/64″ Drill Bit

Firstly we need to drill the rivet heads from the bottom of the car. Use your drill, attach your drill bit, and start drilling through the center of the rivet head. Once enough of the rivet head is drilled out, you should be able to pry the car apart with some force. Once the car comes apart, take out the windows and interior plastic pieces and set those aside. Then we need to remove the old wheel/axles from the base. I personally bend the axle slightly so my side cutter pliers can snip them off. If you are planning on keeping the original wheels, carefully pry the tabs with a small screwdriver or pointed awl. If the casting you have has a metal base, it is harder to bend the tabs so you may have to drill them out at some point. Once the old wheels/axles are removed, proceed to the following steps.

First step, perpare materials and tools (Wheels*4 Axle*2 Pins*4); Use some super glue and apply it to the area where the pins hold in the axles. (Noted: just put them into the one side of the 2 axles); Once the glue is dry, you can now assemble the wheels into axles; After that, use glue on the rest pins and put them into the other side of the axles; Adjust the position of the brake disc (make sure they are on the same direction) and apply glue on the connection between the brake disc and axle; (This step is only necessary when you buy wheels set with brake disc) Check the chassis height is prefect and then use glue to hold the axles in place and leave it to dry for a couple hours; Once the glue is dry, you can now reassemble the vehicle back together. The casting should snap back into place. Take a look and admire your hard work!
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly!

For beginners, we have this video for you.
No need to come apart the car.
No need to use power drill.